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Bronson Jones & Company LLP are knowledgeable accident lawyers Vancouver residents have trusted since 1986.

We regularly deal with Part 7 Accident Benefits claims, and we know the personal injury court process. Our experience in motor vehicle injury claims also means you get help from Vancouver accident lawyers and paralegals who have:

  • Handled cases just like yours and know how to answer your questions and prepare you for dealing with your injuries;

  • Extensive experience dealing with ICBC and insurance companies; and

  • Medical-legal knowledge to assess the value of your claim in light of your injuries, prognosis, rehabilitation needs and the extent of any partial or permanent disabilities;

  • Experience negotiating and mediating fair settlements.

  • Trial experience to present your case to a judge or a judge and jury, if going to court is in your best interest.

We offer free initial consultations regarding injuries in various kinds of accidents:

 Motor Vehicle Accidents (Cars and Trucks)

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The most common type of vehicle accident in BC is the collision between two motor vehicles. Generally speaking, in a two vehicle collision, the other driver is more likely to be at-fault in cases where he or she:

  • Cuts into your lane quickly without signaling or shoulder checking;

  • Runs a stop sign or red light;

  • Hits you while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or while texting or talking on a handheld device;

  • Hits you head-on in your own lane;

  • Rear ends you; or

  • Hits you while speeding.

 Bicycle Accidents

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If you are hit by a motor vehicle while riding your bicycle you may have an ICBC claim. Similarly, if a cyclist causes an accident and you are the driver or passenger in a motor vehicle and you are injured, you may also have an ICBC claim.

 Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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Many people think that if they are injured in a car crash while they are at work, they must automatically look to WorkSafeBC (formerly “Workers’ Compensation Board of BC”) for compensation. However, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with another vehicle while you are working, you may still have a claim against the “at-fault” motorist through ICBC.

 Hit and Run Accidents

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Unfortunately, situations do occur where a pedestrian is struck or a collision occurs and the driver of the at-fault vehicle leaves the scene. To prevent victims of hit and runs from being denied compensation for their injuries, s. 24(1) of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act allows the victim of a hit and run to collect damages from ICBC in cases where the name of the driver of the vehicle causing the injuries is unknown and cannot be determined with reasonable effort.

 Motorcycle Accidents

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If you are the driver of a motorcycle who has been hit by the driver of another vehicle, be aware that even if you are determined not to be “at-fault” the damages you are entitled to receive may be reduced if you were not wearing a certified helmet at the time of the accident.

 Pedestrian Accidents

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Pedestrian accidents potentially involve serious physical and emotional trauma. For the most part, fault can be established against the driver of a vehicle, if you are struck by a vehicle while crossing in accordance with traffic signals (e.g., you had the “Walk” signal) and you are within the boundaries of a crosswalk. However, if you cross on a red or yellow light, outside the crosswalk or get hit while jaywalking, you may have a much harder time establishing driver liability.

 Highway Accidents

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When a motor vehicle accident occurs on a highway, serious injuries or fatalities can be the outcome. The high speed travelled by a vehicle on the highway (up to 120 km/h in some areas in British Columbia) contributes to the likelihood of losing control and being unable to avert an accident. On highways, we have very little reaction time to slow down or stop quickly when needed. Heavy vehicles take even longer to slow down, such as tractor-trailers that need more reaction time.

 Amputation Accidents

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When a car accident leads to the amputation of all or part of one or more limbs or extremities, such as a leg, arm, hand or foot, every part of your life is affected from that moment onward. Whether the amputation occurs at the accident scene, which is most common, or is medically required afterwards, the outcome is often physically and psychologically damaging and life altering.

We deal with serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries, orthopedic injuries, internal injuries, head (brain) injuries, amputations and wrongful death. Because of the medical complexity and the almost certain impact on future earning capacity and quality of life, these kinds of cases can be long and complicated to pursue. Our team of accident lawyers in Vancouver has experience handling these kinds of catastrophic injury claims and we have the knowledge and financial resources to fund these cases through to their conclusion.

Representing injured victims is all we do. Let our team of accident lawyers in Vancouver talk with you about your case.

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