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Disinherited Children & Spouses

 Estate Litigation Services in Vancouver

Spouses and children of a deceased may apply to vary the terms of the will if they are disinherited, or if they receive a smaller share of the estate than appears to be just and equitable. Factors that may be considered include:

  • The nature of the deceased’s relationship with the applicant spouse or child;
  • Whether the deceased’s intentions in the will appear to be rational;
  • Whether the deceased gave the spouse or child significant assistance or gifts during their life;
  • Whether the spouse or child provided adequate care for the deceased;
  • Promises made to the spouse or child;
  • Misconduct by the spouse or child;
  • The needs and standard of living of the spouse or child; and
  • The size and nature of the estate

If you believe that you have been wrongfully disinherited or that you did not receive a just and equitable share of an estate, you can contact an experienced disinheritance and estate litigation lawyer in Vancouver at Bronson Jones & Company LLP. Call (toll free: 1-855-852-5100) to see how we can help.

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