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From Crash to Recovery: What to Expect from Us

 Bronson Jones & Company LLP Helps You from injury to Recovery

  • 1. Evaluate and explain.

    Listen to your story, ask you questions about the accident, evaluate how the law applies to your case and explain your options to you. It may be the first time you have been injured in an accident, but we have helped many other people who have been in your situation. Over the years we have dealt with thousands of clients. We'll do our best for you to anticipate the range of effects your injury will have in your life and help you get through each stage of your recovery and your claim.

  • 2. Protect your legal rights.

    We act to preserve and protect your legal rights. We will file the necessary claims forms to meet legislated time limits and commence a lawsuit to ensure that you have the right to go to court if that's your best option for a fair result.

  • 3. Deal with ICBC for you.

    We will contact ICBC (and any other insurance company involved in your case) and tell them to direct all correspondence and enquiries to our office and not to you. ICBC should have no further contact with you after this point and if they do contact you directly all you need to do is politely advise that our office is representing you and ask them to contact us for information about your case.

  • 4. Present all aspects of your claim.

    We will present your claim so that ICBC understands the full nature and extent of your injuries, the impact they have had on your life and how you should be compensated according to the appropriate case law.

  • 5. Contact specialists.

    We will advise you regarding appointments with your doctors, specialists and experts that may be needed to help prove your claim. Your family doctor may refer you to specialists or, in appropriate circumstances, we may arrange for consultations with specialists to obtain expert opinions on the full extent of your injuries and the physical and emotional effects they have had and may continue to have in the future.

  • 6. Represent you in settlement negotiations.

    We will represent you throughout your case in all dealings with ICBC including:

    - Preparing and filing all necessary paperwork for benefits applications and court proceedings;

    - Preparing you for examinations for discovery, independent medical examinations and functional capacity evaluations, etc.; and

    - Representing you at settlement negotiations, mediation or trial.

  • 7. Take your case to court if necessary.

    If it's in your best interests to go to trial to obtain a fair settlement we will use our years of experience to guide your case through the court process including:

    - Making sure all court documents are filed and served properly and on time;

    - Dealing with the interim applications, affidavits, interrogatories, expert medical reports and testimony, as required;

    - Presenting your case to the judge, judge and jury, mediation or trial.

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