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What to Do Next

 Toward Recovery:
Your Guide to Personal Injury Law in Vancouver, BC

 What Happens Next and What You Can Do

This depends on what stage of the process you are at. The information provided here is intended to help you begin to assess what needs to be done and identify the information your lawyer will need to help you. Your lawyer and paralegal will confirm specifically what they need from you and help you understand the relevant aspects of personal injury law in Vancouver.

Important: It is in your best interests to speak to a lawyer as early in the process as you can, preferably before you talk to ICBC, but even if you have already started dealing with ICBC you have the right to consult and hire a lawyer to help you at any time in the process. However, early involvement of a lawyer can help ensure your case doesn’t develop poorly due to unfortunate interactions and communications with ICBC.

 After the Accident – the First 30 - 90 Days

The time limits and paperwork that must be filed with ICBC are critical to your claim. Meeting deadlines and properly preparing your claim documents are two very important reasons to hire a lawyer to assist you. At a minimum, take the time to know what time limits affect your case. Don’t ignore them or you may find you have lost your right to pursue a claim for personal injury damages and benefits.

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 The Recovery Phase

Your role is to focus on recovery from your injuries. We will keep you informed about what is happening with your claim and we will follow up with you for updates on your status and when there are decisions you need to make. What follows are some general tips about different things that may occur during your recovery phase.

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From Crash to Recovery: 

What to expect from us

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Vehicle Injury Claims:

-Critical Time Limits
-ICBC + ICBC Adjusters
- Motor Vehicle Injury Claims

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