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Amputation Accidents

 Vancouver Amputation Accident Lawyer

When a car accident leads to the amputation of all or part of one or more limbs or extremities, such as a leg, arm, hand or foot, every part of your life is affected from that moment onward. Whether the amputation occurs at the accident scene, which is most common, or is medically required afterwards, the outcome is often physically and psychologically damaging and life-altering.

An amputation can require not only a long recovery period from the injury but also the need for help to overcome the psychological, social and emotional trauma associated with the devastating loss of function and sensation of a body part and body image. An amputee needs to learn how to use artificial limbs and assistive devices and must exercise to improve muscle strength and control, and to do activities that help restore the ability to perform daily physical necessities.

While many amputees have regained autonomy using prosthetic devices, about 50 percent to 80 percent of amputees experience phantom limb pain. Phantom limb pain is when an amputee feels a body part that is no longer there, such as aching, burning, itching, tenseness, dryness or wetness or feeling the non-existent limb moving. If phantom pain occurs for more than six months, it most likely will not improve.

Another repercussion of suffering an amputation is heterotopic ossification, which is most common when a head injury occurred at the same time. Heterotopic ossification is when the brain signals the bone to grow instead of to form scar tissue. The nodules and other growth can interfere with a prosthetic and may require further operations.

At Bronson Jones & Company LLP, we understand the significant impact an amputation will have on your life. Our accident lawyers in Vancouver have great concern and compassion for amputees and we are committed to achieving fair and full compensation. We have access to a full network of expert resources to assist you (e.g., medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, economic experts, vocational experts) while we provide strong legal advocacy.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer at our law firm in Vancouver or at one of our other locations across British Columbia, we will listen carefully to you to hear what happened, gather evidence, protect your legal rights, and advance your interests. We will keep you informed about the case and guide you through each stage of the litigation. Call us to arrange your free initial consultation at 1-855-852-5100 (toll free 24 hours). Our amputation accident lawyers are in Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby and Surrey, with a total of 13 offices to serve you.

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